ARiM Curriculum Sub-Committee



Anti-Racism in Medicine Sub-Committee

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  • Address the following curricular areas: pre-clerkship blocks and threads, clerkship, doctor-patient, and clinical reasoning cases
  • Identify evidence-based best practices for discussing race and share with faculty
  • Track results through ODEI, report to Director of LCME and Associate Dean of Curricular Affairs


Co-Chairs: Julie Armin, PhD, Colleen Cagno, MD, and Ms Faith Dickerson, MS3

Committee Members: Jennifer Erdrich, MD, Paul Gordon, MD, Angelica Gomez, MPH, Mr Shrey Goel, MS3, Ms Laila Jamal, MS3, Ms China Rae Newman, MS4, Ms Jessica Diaz Hanson, MS1, Michael Ditillo, MD,  and Mr Ray Larez, MS3. Ad Hoc Member: Ms Thomasina Blackwater, MS4



Short Term Actions/Accomplishments

  • Pre-clerkship blocks: Share potential areas for revision and resources for making revisions
  1. Identified areas for revision (Larez 2020)
  2. Presentation for Block Directors
  3. Adapting a self-assessment tool for revisions (Krishnan et al 2019)
  • Clinical Reasoning Cases (partnership with Kathy Smith)
  1. Subcommittee established for reviewing and editing 25-30 cases
  • Collaborate with Faculty Dev, Wellness and Engagement, and Assessment committees
  1. Faculty trainings
  2. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Book club
  • Implementation of new curriculum focused on anti-racism and/or the social determinants of health
  1. Histories of Health Disparities 4th year elective (Fall 2020)
  2. Talking about Race – MS1 activity  (Orientation)
  • Process for monitoring outcomes
  1. Block revisions tracking tool
  2. Planned revision to block change form to track directors’ use of self-assessment tool

Long Term Actions/Accomplishments

  • Clerkships
  • Identify areas in clerkship lectures for review/revision
  • Share information about “race correction” by topic area with relevant clerkship•Doctor & Patient
  • Identify areas in D&P for review/revision (e.g. OSCEs)
  • Improve cultural sensitivity of standardized patients•Create and implement a feedback form/process for collecting ongoing questions/concerns in all curricula