Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training Initiatives


College of Medicine – Tucson Promotion of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


UACOM-T established the expectation that
ALL Faculty, Residents/Fellows, GRAs, GTAs, and  UA Staff
receive training and education in topics relevant to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. 
UACOM-T will implement accountability measures to reflect each member’s participation.



Expectations for DEI Hours to be completed by Faculty, Residents/Fellows, GRA/GTA, and UA Staff:


  • Complete at least 1 Implicit Association Test (IAT) annually
  • Secure 6 hrs of DEI education annually, from ODEI-sponsored events (trainings, forums, lectures):
  1. Departmental DEI training (3/year of 1-2 hour events)
  2. ODEI Shared Shelf Book Club (max 1hr credit)
  3. Health Care Disparities Forums (6-8/year – 2 hour events) 
  4. Health Equity Grand Rounds – department-hosted (1 hour/event)
  5. Journeys into Medicine Panels – 1.5 hour (6/year)
  6. Diversity Speakers Presentations/Events 
  7. LEADRS Mentoring Forums
  8. Search Committee Trainings (MMI Evaluators, Admissions Committee, Dean Search Committee).

Although we are thrilled that several departments are hosting a variety of DEI related presentations, this year, as we get the initiative started, we want to limit the earned hours to come from this listing.  If there is a specific topic, we are willing to work with you to develop the presentation.

  • Accountability protocol via ODEI signup.com



Expectations for Departments:

  • Each department will identify a Diversity Champion (DC) and give them 4 hrs/month to work on initiatives to advance the department’s DEI efforts
  • Each department will work with DC to host minimum of 3 DEI presentations annually
  • Departmental Scorecard (annual submission)

                        Assessment of departmental DEI efforts

  1. Narrative review of activities hosted
  2. Promotion rate of URiM faculty
  3. Recruitment and retention – data review
  4. GME data review
  5. Mentoring – faculty, residents/fellows, students
  6. Unconscious Bias Training for all search committee members
  • ODEI to provide quarterly updates on departmental attendance



Expectations for Institution:

  • Appoint DEI representative (FDAC, DC) to each Dean’s Search Committee
  • Unconscious Bias Training for each Dean’s Search Committee
  • Climate Assessment every 3 years
  • Collect yearly data from departments
  • Provide each department with quarterly data updates regarding trainings
  • Train Admissions Committee, MMI Evaluators, Curricular Affairs, Societies Mentors
  • Train instructors on making courses more inclusive and addressing race in the classroom
  • Include education on allyship 




  • Pathways into Medicine
  1. Unconscious Bias Training
  2. Med Safe Zone Training
  3. Microaggressions Training
  4. Bystander vs Upstander Training (new proposal)
  • Health Care Disparities Curriculum
  1. Talking About Race Orientation Session
  2. History of Health Inequities
  3. Breaking Bread Book Club



Q: What is the DEI Initiative Promotion?

A: The DEI Initiative Promotion is an effort to standardize DEI trainings across our institution by requiring each constituent to earn 6 DEI hours annually.

Q: Who is hosting these trainings?

A: ODEI has worked with each department to identify Diversity Champions (DC) who are trained in delivering prepared presentations. Each Department is asked to host at least 2-3 of these presentations in which your DC will partner with ODEI leadership to present. ODEI has also scheduled some trainings open to all.

Q: How long are these trainings?

A: Each of these trainings range 1-2 hours, and we encourage the department to choose the presentation that best suits their needs (descriptions of trainings and upcoming events HERE) and offer as a Grand Rounds or didactic presentation.

Q: Can DEI Hours only be earned through trainings?

A: There are a host of other opportunities throughout the academic year to earn DEI hours. DEI hours can be earned by attending any of the following: [list of events #1-7]

Q: When are these trainings scheduled?

A: We fully recognize the value of maximizing our time away from the office/hospital.  We work very hard to offer the sessions during the workday  - e.g. Grand Rounds, lunchtime presentations, didactic presentations.  You can also attend a session hosted by another department or partner with another department to host a training.

Q: Does DEI monitor all of these events so that people get official credit when they attend?

A: These are all events offered in partnership with ODEI. ODEI monitors attendance at these events using a system called signup.com. The QR code or link is shared during the presentation so that all attendees are able to sign-in and earn credit for the session.