Bilingual Medical Spanish Distinction Track

The Bilingual Medical Spanish Distinction Track (BMS) is a longitudinal program designed to enhance the medical Spanish communication skills of medical students entering with intermediate to advanced proficiency level.  Instructional activities throughout the four-years of medical school emphasize the development of:

  • Oral/Aural Proficiency in Medical Spanish,
  • Cultural Competence, and
  • Core Medical Competencies.

The main goal of the program is to graduate cohorts of physicians who are competent to work as bilingual Spanish-English healthcare providers. Students enrolled in this track will be better prepared to serve the healthcare needs of Limited English Proficiency, Spanish-speaking patients, and perhaps have an advantage in applying to residency programs located in communities with a growing Spanish-speaking population.


First-year medical students interested in joining the BMS will need to complete a computerized Spanish proficiency exam (COPI) in the fall semester (Year 01), and reach an ACTFL1 – Intermediate-High or above level of proficiency to be accepted in the program. The BMS is not currently available for 2nd - 4th year medical students or students from other health professions.

When should I apply?

The Bilingual Medical Spanish Distinction Track will be available to first-year medical students beginning in the fall semester.

Click here for more information, or contact:

Alejandra Zapien at 520-621-5592 or