About WIMS



To create an inclusive and equitable environment for women faculty in academic medicine.


Women in Medicine and Science (WIMS) is dedicated to fostering mentorship, networking, career development, and institutional advancement for women faculty in the College of Medicine-Tucson.


  • Sponsor activities that support targeted skills needed for professional development.
  • Facilitate networking opportunities and connections across the College of Medicine.
  • Support recruitment and retention of diverse women faculty in the College of Medicine-Tucson

WIMS, formerly, Women Academic Medicine (WAM) is a grass-roots organization that emerged in the late 1990s as a forum for discussion of issues women face at the College of Medicine – Tucson. This group spearheaded the GRACE (Generating Respect for All in a Climate of academic Excellence) project. At present, the group meets for lunch and a presentation several times a year. It provides an opportunity to network with other faculty members, share interests related to academic medicine, and to learn about issues affecting women faculty. Notice of upcoming WIMS meetings is sent through the AHSC listserv to all faculty.

The GRACE Project

The GRACE Project (Generating Respect for All in a Climate of academic Excellence) was initiated in 2000 to complement the university-wide Millennium Project by providing an in-depth analysis of gender disparities in one college. The aims of the GRACE Project were to document gender disparities, test hypotheses for why they exist, and suggest ways to eliminate them. Areas for exploration included compensation, academic rank and track, levels of productivity, attainment of leadership positions, access to institutional resources and support, and perceptions of campus climate.

After showing gender-related differences in salaries, the project tested one intervention and documented its success in reducing the gender disparities.

The GRACE Project was recognized with a national award, the Progress in Equity award from the Legal Advocacy Fund of the American Association of University Women. The award came with a stipend of $8,000 which has been used to recognize the department heads and administrators who have made progress in improving the climate for women.

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