The Connect-ED program has been established to increase real time communication between high school teachers, students, and counselors, with university professionals. Frequently, we have questions regarding admissions, financial, aid and enrollment in to health professions that can be easily answered. By providing easy access to the professionals, we can be accurate and up to date with our answers. Connect-ED is also a means of channeling existing lesson plans and teaching ideas and tips to and between teachers. Explore the links at left for more resources.

Methods of Outreach

  • Facebook – featuring high school program highlights. Our objective is to give much-needed credit to the teachers out there making a difference every day.
  • Twitter – polling/surveys asking what content is needed, news flashes regarding hosted events, trivia, due dates (FAFSA, College admissions, MedStart applications etc.) and reminders about our live events & webinars.
  • Pinterest – a place to post ideas, videos and lesson plan ideas. 
  • Google+ - Live events and webinars.