Faculty Evaluators Needed:

The COMT Admissions team is currently recruiting faculty evaluators for the MMIs (Multiple Mini Interview) that take place each Friday, from early September to mid-March each year.  After a short period of training, evaluators are encouraged to sign up for as many dates as possible.  This is an excellent opportunity for our faculty to truly engage and directly impact the quality and diversity of each incoming class.  The MMI is designed to measure abilities such as communication skills, professionalism and ethical decision making, all important characteristics in physicians. Research has also shown that MMIs are a good predictor of future clinical performance among medical students. It can also be a more fair and just process for applicants, who will be rated by six interviewers instead of just one or two. This can help to minimize potential compatibility issues and unconscious bias that may be present in a traditional interview scoring system.


Visit the admissions website to learn more about the student experience in the MMI.

For more information, or to sign up as an evaluator, please reach out to Megan Sorenson

2020-2021 MMI Schedule




COVID19 Vaccine Trial

COVID19 has had devastating effects on our nation, particularly our communities of color and vulnerable populations. Below is an invitation to participate in one of the current COVID19 Vaccine Trials (Moderna).  Please consider your interest in supporting this effort and share the request broadly.

As many of you know the race is on to produce an effective vaccine against the COVID-19 corona virus. Three pharmaceutical companies have begun to conduct  phase III human trials of their vaccines including the Quality of Life Medical and Research Center in Tucson, (QLMC)  who is conducting the trial for Southern Arizona.

A double-blind study, participants will receive either the actual vaccine or a placebo. While the Moderna study has enrolled almost 27,000 people of their target 30,000, the study remains undersubscribed for underserved populations, primarily people of color. 

There are several benefits to participation.

Study participants will receive a thorough medical screening at the onset of the study and will be seen by the clinic for about 6 additional visits.
Participants will be under regular surveillance for symptoms of COVID-19.
Participants can take pleasure in the fact that they are helping to bring about an end to a terrible disease.
Participants may receive some compensation for time and effort.

If you would like to participate in ending this pandemic, we encourage you to reach out to QLMC fairly quickly. To do so, please send an email expressing interest to You will receive a response with a link to an online form asking for contact information and few questions.