Aequitas Health Honors Society

Aequitas Health was formed from the recognition of the significant health inequities that exist within the healthcare ecosystem. Highlighted by glaring health disparities coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognized a groundswell of interest of medical students in their future positions as community leaders, positioned to improve health equity in not only their clinical practice but also in their neighborhoods. 

Aequitas Health was formed in 2021 to recognize a society of fellows dedicated to the cause of health equity and to eradicate health disparities in all shapes and fashion. The inaugural chapter was formed at the University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine. The University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tucson's chapter was founded in 2022, with an inaugural cohort of 12 fellows. 

Mission: To identify, recognize, and develop future physician leaders to address the glaring health inequities that exist in our society today.

Recognition: Chapters will recognize no more than 10% of a graduating medical school class. Recognized medical students will be identified as Aequitas Health Honor Society Fellows.

Advocacy: Each class of Aequitas Health Honor Society Fellows from a chapter will work on community advocacy & research projects to improve health equity in their respective communities.

Research: Aequitas Health Honor Society Fellows will have the opportunity to publish online research, thought pieces, commentaries, and other works through the online Aequitas Health Journal.

Faculty Co-Advisors

Julie Armin, PhD                                                                    Rachel Cramton, MD

Assistant Professor                                                                  Associate Professor

Family & Community Medicine                                               Pediatrics

Director, Health Disparities Curriculum                                  Director, Health & the Individual Thread