ARiM Curriculum – Evaluation / Assessment & AOA Sub-Committee


Curriculum – Evaluation / Assessment & AOA

Anti-Racism in Medicine Sub-Committee


  • Improve the clerkship grading system, which disproportionately negatively affects URiM students
  • Evaluate and address the lack of diversity among students elected to AOA honors society



  • Evaluation and Assessment: Muhammed Khan, MD, Marie-Pierre Hasne PhD, and Ms Kathryn Pulling, MS1

  • AOA: George Fantry, MD, ans Ms Kacy Gilbert-Gard MS4


Committee Members:

  • Evaluation and Assessment: JD Thomas, PhD, Ms Phoebe Bredin MS3, and Ms Lynn Pham, MS4

  • AOA: Ms Haley (Owen) Furman, MS2,  and Darien Stratton, MD


Short Term Actions/Accomplishments

  • Disclaimer added to mid-clerkship evaluation form
  • Workplace-based assessment for clerkship evaluation
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  • Weight of shelf exam in clerkship grade decreased
Teherani, Arianne PhD; Hauer, Karen E. MD, PhD; Lucey, Catherine MD Can Change to Clerkship Assessment Practices Create a More Equitable Clerkship Grading Process?, Academic Medicine: September 2019 - Volume 94 - Issue 9 - p 1262-1263 doi: 10.1097/ACM.0000000000002824
  • AOA proposal drafted and sent out to selection committee members
Alpha Omega Alpha - How Members Are Chosen. Accessed September 5, 2020.
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Long Term Actions/Accomplishments

  • Meeting with AOA selection committee, drafting and editing of an implementation plan.
  • Implementing plan during next year’s AOA selection with subsequent analysis of the demographics of students selected pre and post implementation
  • Finding means to incorporate objective measurements into the workplace based assessment
  • Improve student’s preparation to Step 1 exam: Propose a framework for a dashboard allowing students to monitor their performance in each subject. This dashboard will help students to direct their efforts on areas needing progress while bolstering their confidence in areas of strong performance.
  • Propose an evaluation form to capture the anti-racist sensitivity of preceptor/attending/ resident in the end-of-clerkship evaluations.