ARiM Faculty Development Sub-Committee


Faculty Development

Anti-Racism in Medicine Sub-Committee


  • Review the literature for initiatives that work in creating anti-racist, inclusive classrooms
  • Implement faculty development sessions for all pre-clerkship and clerkship courses and track ongoing faculty competency growth in creating inclusive learning environments


Co-Chairs: Mr Shrey Goel, MS3,  and Allie Min, MD

Committee Members: Ms Elaine Situ-LaCasse, Michael Ditillo, DO, Malvika Varma, MD, Patricia Lebensohn, MD,  and Kadian McIntosh, PhD


Short Term Actions/Accomplishments


  • Confronting Bias trainings for Tucson Clinical Curriculum Subcommittee (TCCS)
  • ACT-UP Framework
  • Microskills Teaching tools for clerkship teams


Long Term Actions/Accomplishments


  • Microteaching sessions: Creating an inclusive learning environment
  • Microteaching sessions: Elimination of race-based medicine
  • Strategies and language tools for faculty
  • Team management approach to dealing with bias in the clinical setting