ARiM Student Recruitment and Retention Sub-Committee


Student Recruitment and Retention 

Anti-Racism in Medicine Sub-Committee




  • This committee reviews and establishes standards for recruitment and retention of a diverse cohort of students who will serve in advancing healthcare to the distinct communities in Arizona
  • Goal: Increase recruitment and outreach efforts to increase the pipeline of diverse students (URiM, Disadvantaged, SES, Underserved, Rural, First Generation) 



Co-Chairs:Patricia Harrison-Monroe, Tejal Parikh, Caylan J. Moore

Committee Members: Agnes Attakai, Carlos Gonzales, Stephanie Retrum, Rom Rahimian, Marisa Menchola, Naiby Rodriguez, Mary Nguyen, Christina Renteria, Barbara Moore; Gisselle Marie Pegaitaz



Short Term Actions/Accomplishments


  • Outreach to community colleges
  1. Schedule Zoom informational sessions with AZ Community Colleges to share information about the MD, MD/PhD, PMAP Programs. Admissions to partner with ODEI and INMED.
  2. Get students and various COM offices to partner to go to conferences to exhibit
  3. SDAC and ODEI present on applicant interview day
  • Utilize social media to promote medical school
  1. Develop 6 different topics, 2-3-minute videos explaining how to become a med cat (Interview tips, AMCAS application, LORs, etc)
  2. Use the Mask Campaign video as a recruitment tool by more broadly disseminating the video
  • Enlist current SDAC members and current students on the admissions committee to help recruit new student members to participate in each new admissions committee
  1. Recruit MS-3/MS-4 to participate in MMI process


Long Term Actions/Accomplishments


  • Making main COM website more diverse (Working with Nadia) by updating pictures/videos of diverse students
  1. Referencing ODEI site
  • Creation of MedCat mentorship program with premed students
  • Continuation of support for the LEADRS Program and providing more training and structure so that relationships lasts
  • Continuing unconscious bias training for MMI evaluators and Admission Committee members
  • Working with Honor’s program so Honor’s students can connect with diverse students to increase retention within the UA
  • Continue supporting long term recruitment programs like the MEDSTART and MED Teach Programs
  • Work to ensure the incoming medical school classes reflect AZ’s  diverse communities
  • Create campus climate survey in collaboration with ODEI
  • Gather learning specialist data to evaluate how students at risk for repeating a year in medical school are being supported
  1. Involving students in the recruitment of new learning specialists
  2. Review and strengthen supports for those struggling and at risk for repeating a year in medical school
  • Working with Mental health counselors to ensure all students, especially those of color are receiving culturally competent treatment