Faculty Diversity Advisory Committee


Faculty Diversity Advisory Committee


*Josie G. Acuna, MD – Emergency Medicine EMAIL

*Celia Valenzuela, MD – OBGYN EMAIL

         Hina Arif Tiwari MD – Medical Imaging
        Samuel Campos, PhD – Immunobiology
        Nancy Casanova, MD, MPH, PhD – Medicine
        Athena Ganchorre, PhD – Cellular & Molecular Medicine
        Patricia Lebensohn, MD – FCM
        Jenny Mendelson, MD – Pediatrics
        Indu Partha, MD – Medicine
        Raymond Runyan, PhD – Cellular & Molecular Medicine

++Allie Min, MD – Asst. Dean, Faculty Dev. 
++Victoria Murrain, DO – Vice Dean, ODEI, COM-T
***Kadian McIntosh, PhD
***Michelle Ortiz, PhD
***Christina Renteria, MEd
***Yvette Corral

* Co-Chairs ++ Ex-Officio ***Staff/Advisor

Diversity Roundup: Quarterly update 02/01/2021

The Faculty Diversity Advisory Committee (FDAC) had the wonderful opportunity to take part in hosting an exciting conference this month. FDAC, along with the College of Medicine-Tucson and the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is partnered with Building the Next Generation of Academic Physicians (BNGAP) to present this conference that was tailored to encourage trainees (medical students, residents) who are underrepresented in medicine to consider academic medicine careers. 
FDAC is proud to be able to collaborate with BNGAP, an organization whose overall mission is to help diverse medical students and residents become aware of academic medicine as a career option. Together we have created an exciting line up of speakers and workshops run by many of our own faculty here at the COM-T. Lectures highlighted topics such as leadership, team building, and getting a job in academics after residency. 
The conference took place Saturday, January 30, 9am-3pm. 
For more information about FDAC visit our webpage
Want to learn more about BNGAP? Visit their webpage at BNGAP.org

Diversity Roundup: Quarterly update 10/01/2020

The Faculty Diversity Advisory Committee (FDAC) has recently embarked on a mission to establish affinity groups for its physicians (faculty and residents) at The COM-T. FDAC’s overarching mission is to assist leadership in the recruitment, support, and retention of faculty from diverse backgrounds. We focus on the development and implementation of strategic initiatives and programs that cultivate a climate of mutual respect, dignity, and inclusion. The creation of affinity groups is one such initiative, with the ultimate goal of helping individuals feel a sense of value and belonging at our institution. To kick things off, we held a town hall this past August to introduce the project and discuss ideas with both faculty and residents. This month we will be sending out a survey gauging interest in creating and joining various affinity groups. We hope to have some groups up and running by the end of the year!

If you are interested in Starting or Joining a Faculty Affinity Group, please complete this survey.


College of Medicine – Tucson’s Faculty Diversity Advisory Committee Recognized for Commitment to Inclusion

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