Diversity and Inclusion News

Arizona High School Girls Learn about Orthopaedic Surgery at UA Health Sciences

Arizona high school girls learned hands-on from UAHS women surgeons how engineers and orthopaedic surgeons work together to develop safe and effective implants to repair broken bones, torn ligaments and worn-out joints, to inspire careers in STEM and medicine.

Stereotypes about Native Americans and Alcohol Debunked by UA Study

Native Americans are more likely to abstain from alcohol than whites, and heavy drinking and binge drinking rates are about the same for both groups.

`Winter Institute’ to Focus on Health and Research Issues Relevant to Native Americans, Feb. 17-20 at UA Health Sciences

Open to UA students, faculty, Native American communities and the public, the Winter Institute, Feb. 17-20, partners with American Indian communities to address health-care challenges such as access to health care in rural areas, poverty and low educational attainment.

UA Students Promote Diversity Awareness in Medicine

UA College of Medicine – Tucson students launch Diversity Month in January to raise awareness of its importance in health care.