MED 493A: Pre-health Integrated Course Underway

The MED 493A: Pre-health Integrated Experiential Learning course is underway for the Fall 2013 course with 15 pre-health students enrolled. This hands-on course meets once per week in the College of Medicine and includes clinical rotations throughout Tucson.

The purpose of MED 493A is to prepare undergraduates for the next step in their education as healthcare professionals. Most students in this class intend to become physicians, while others plan to pursue careers in dentistry, physical therapy, nursing or other healthcare fields.

Weekly seminars provide practical information on applying to medical and other health profession schools, hands-on training and exposure to contemporary perspectives on medical specialties and socio-cultural aspects of medicine.

In addition to class work, students also shadow clinicians throughout the region. Through the shadowing experience, students develop interest in different health care careers.

For more information, including the application for the Spring semester course, visit or call (520) 621-5531.