Department of Physiology

Department Name:           Department of Physiology


Department Chair:           Nick Delamere Ph.D.


What are some projects or initiatives taking place in your department that promote diversity, equity, or inclusion? What are you most excited about?

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Action Collective


What is the department’s goal in term of diversity, equity and inclusion?

The Physiology group is focused on retention and success for everyone. We strive to provide student support that levels the playing field.  The academic advising team has developed an individualized outreach strategy that has drawn praise all across UA.  In recent years we added a Student Success and Retention Specialist whose efforts have significantly improved outcomes.


What do members of your department appreciate or love the most about your department?

Faculty and staff get satisfaction from the success of our trainees.  It is an honor and privilege to help our students decide on a career and equip them for success.  Being able to help students overcome difficulties, discover hidden potential, and develop confidence … that’s priceless.