GME Spotlight - Pathways to Success

Program Name: Internal Medicine Residency Program - South Campus

Program Director: Bujji Ainapurapu, MD, FACP

Pathways to Success

Oct 16, 2019 Pathways Event

The community outreach/building activity – Pathways to Success promotes diversity. This Biannual event is about engaging local high school students from under-resourced communities towards healthcare careers. The students are invited for an evening to hands-on activities including CPR, Ultrasound, Respiratory care, etc. They listen to motivating speakers who have come from similar backgrounds and environments. They also get a tour of the hospital and dinner. The students interact with healthcare professionals from different specialties including physicians, surgeons, RT, MAs, dietary et… Students can submit an essay to win a scholarship and get paired with a mentor in the field they are interested in.

Our hospital and residents serve patients from South Tucson who are underprivileged and under-resourced.  This event has given us the opportunity to build connections and relationships with our community and a medium to give back to the local community. There are many talented kids who have immense potential, but because of resource constraints they are unable to follow their passions and achieve their dreams. We feel that this event gives them an opportunity to meet with a college counselor from the University of Arizona which are also present during this event.

We believe that diversity and equity strengthens the program and community. It gives opportunities to learn and grow. We are already a diverse program where we are proud to have trained residents from more than 16 countries. We are striving for an environment where equity and inclusiveness is just culture and people from all backgrounds, ethnicities, race, languages, sexual orientation can be themselves and excel in whatever their career goal is.

Residents in our program appreciate and love the small family feel, bonding, support and a great learning environment.