Raquel Givens, Accreditation Director


Raquel Givens is from Tucson, Arizona and became interested in science and medicine on a middle school tour of the anatomy and research labs.


Q&A With Raquel

What has your path been like to where you are now?

     Circuitous! I thought I was going to medical school so much that in college, I was pre-med all 4 years and majored in molecular and cellular biology.


What do you love most about what you are doing now?

     Working with colleagues and students at a medical school.


What are some of your outside interests?

     Reading, listening to audiobooks & podcasts, gardening, and walking/running on hiking trails, and crafts with my daughter.

Did you have a mentor that contributed to your growth? Who was that mentor and what lessons did you learn from them? How did you find that person?

     Yes! I've been fortunate enough to have mentors all along my journey. Professionally, that person has been Dr. Nancy Koff. She showed me the importance of relationship building and serving others as a responsibility of a leader; which in turn is how power and influence is derived.


What advice would you give to students?

     Communicate, network, and connect with mentors.