Student Diversity Advisory Committee


Student Diversity Advisory Committee

The Student Diversity Advisory Committee (SDAC) is
1) committed to the ongoing support of marginalized and minority students at the COM - Tucson;
2) advocates for diverse patient populations;
3) provides insight and recommendations to administration and staff to improve its support for a
unique student cohort - continuing in UACOM’s mission to “advance health and wellness”;
4) promotes hiring and promotion of diverse faculty and staff;
5) establishes structured mentoring for marginalized, minority, or first generation students. 

2020-2021 Leadership




Diversity Roundup : Quarterly Update 01/01/2021

We are Andres Diaz, Mary Nguyen, and Sofia Krause, the new leadership of the Student Diversity Advisory Committee. Every second Wednesday of the month at noon, we host conversations with students, deans, faculty, and staff to address issues of diversity, equity and inclusion important to the UACOMT community. The topics of discussion are chosen by the students through anonymous surveys and forms. Students receive updates on initiatives and opportunities to participate in projects as well as updates on changes being made at UACOMT. Through this forum, we are able to collaborate with students of all training levels and with UACOMT Alumni.

Currently, the 2024 SDAC leadership has been working to finish projects started by the previous leadership. With the guidance of deans and faculty, we have been working on diversifying the standardized patient (SP) cohort, we are collaborating with MedPride to update the curriculum to be more LGBTQIA+ inclusive, and we are presenting our work at Applicant Days with the Admissions Office. Overall, we are devoted to providing a safe space for students to voice their concerns and opinions surrounding current events, medical training, and issues of diversity and inclusion. A detailed plan of our current initiatives and projects will be available soon.

Here is a link to our response to the events of January 6th, 2021 at our nation’s Capitol Building: CLICK HERE TO READ

With compassion and understanding, 
SDAC Leadership
Andres Diaz
Mary Nguyen
Sofia Krause


Diversity Roundup : Quarterly Update 09/01/2020

The Student Diversity Advisory Committee (SDAC) has teamed up with MedPride (Gay-Straight Medical Student Alliance) to conduct a pre-clerkship curriculum view that serves to identify areas and disciplines within the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Tucson (UACOM-T) curriculum where relevant LGBTQ+ medical content can be incorporated. This has involved a comprehensive review of each lecture in the existing medical curriculum, including all associated notes and powerpoints. The review has consisted of: measuring the amount of lecture hours focused on LGBTQ+ health topics, assessing the diversity of patient cases/presentations in the lecture content (with a focus on LGBTQ+ identities), assessing the utilization of gender specific and sex specific language, and utilizing peer-reviewed research to add important context about LGBTQ+ health disparities. Our goal is to create a curriculum enrichment initiative that serves to seamlessly integrate research-driven data that will help to  improve medical student familiarity and preparedness for addressing the health needs of LGBTQ+ patients. We intend to publish our curriculum model in the AAMC MedEdPortal in hopes of inspiring other medical schools to enrich their medical training with more diverse and inclusive medical content.



2019-2020 Leadership Haley Owen, Ismael Miller, and Kathy Ohe 



2019 - 2020 Members

The Student Diversity Advisory Committee is comprised of medical students who represent the needs and concerns of minority clubs/populations on campus. Students can self-nominate, or be nominated by members of the committee, and be approved by existing members of SDAC. The SDAC meets the second Wednesday of every month. The SDAC is co-chaired by two members of the SDAC community, both of which serve 1-year terms together. Aspiring co-chairs can self-nominate, or be nominated by members of the committee, and are voted on by existing members of SDAC. An SDAC secretary may also be elected, if leadership deems necessary. The College of Medicine Deans for Diversity and Inclusion and Assistant Dean of Student Affairs serve as ex-officio members. The work of this diversity committee is supported by the College of Medicine Offices of Faculty Affairs and Diversity and Inclusion.


Members must be first, second, third, or fourth-year medical students at the UA College of Medicine-Tucson. Additional individuals from staff/student diversity committees or the community may be invited to serve as liaisons on the Faculty Diversity Advisory Committee (FDAC). Membership should include representation from multiple areas of diversity; it is expected that the committee will be diverse as defined by the COM Diversity Statement.

If you would like to learn more about the Advisory Committees, contact us at (520) 626-3867 or