Advisory Committees

To tap into the insight and experience of the College of Medicine constituencies, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion has formed both a Student advisory committee as well as a Faculty advisory committee.  

Advisory Committee Members


Allie Min, MD, Assistant Dean, Faculty Development (Ex-Officio)

Indu Partha, MD – Medicine

Jenny Mendelson, MD – Pediatrics

Jessica Moreno, MD – OB/Gyn 

Josie G. Acuna, MD – Emergency Medicine (Co-Chair)

Kadian McIntosh - (Staff/Advisor)

Lucinda Rankin, PhD – Physiology 

Michelle Ortiz, PhD - (Staff/Advisor)

Patricia Harrison-Monroe, PhD – Psychiatry (Co-Chair)

Patricia Lebensohn, MD – FCM 

Randa Kutob, MD – FCM 

Raymond Runyan, PhD – Cellular & Molecular Medicine 

Samuel Campos, PhD – Immunobiology 

Victoria Murrain, DO, Deputy Dean, Diversity & Inclusion, COM-T (Ex-Officio)