Diversity and Inclusion News

UArizona Public Health Researchers Weigh in on the Best (and Worst) Materials for Masks
Mon Jul 6, 2020

Researchers study the effectiveness of different materials for homemade facemasks to provide guidance for the public.

Older Adults Share Fewer Memories as They Age
Mon Jun 29, 2020

University of Arizona researchers used the EAR app to “eavesdrop” on older adult conversations.

Superfund Research Center Receives $10.6M to Study Mining Waste, Arsenic-Diabetes Link
Tue Jun 30, 2020

The center, with leadership from CALS Department of Environmental Science and the College of Pharmacy, has helped address the state's most pressing environmental contamination sites since 1989.

Five UArizona College of Pharmacy Researchers Win TRIF Funding for Projects to Fight COVID-19
Thu Jun 25, 2020

The funds – administered by the Arizona Board of Regents and University of Arizona BIO5 Institute – enable researchers to combat the global pandemic and positively impact the health of Arizonans.

Dr. Joann Sweasy Named Director of University of Arizona Cancer Center
Fri Jun 26, 2020

In addition, Dr. Sweasy will serve as UArizona chief adviser on cancer-related matters and principal investigator of the National Cancer Institute Cancer Center Support Grant.

UArizona Cardiologist Receives ‘Escalator Award’ from Women as One International Organization
Thu Jun 25, 2020

UArizona Sarver Heart Center physician-scientist Dr. Khadijah Breathett wins international career award she will use to advance her research on health disparities in cardiovascular disease.