Jose Fancisco EK Vitorin, Research Assistant Professor

Jose has been in the natural world since he was a child. After studying medicine, he looked for a chance to get into basic research, wanting more information on all things "medicine or science".


Q&A With Jose

What has your path been like to where you are now?

     I left the clinic for an opportunity to understand the cardiac action potential. I am still on the task. I have a MS and PhD in Physiology and Biophysics.

What do you love most about what you are doing now?

     Knowing new facts, new phenomeni, new people, and knowing I am collaborating in the expansion of scientific knowledge.


What are some of your outside interests?

     Gardening, running/walking, reading!! Talking to my old and new friends and participating in outings.


Did you have a mentor that contributed to your growth? Who was that mentor and what lessons did you learn from them? How did you find that person?

     My best mentor was not personal, but treated everyone the same: harshly making fun of the poorness of our writing (clinical stories), lack of thoughts, lack of dedication. Everything I have done since has been as not to give this mentor a chance to criticize me. By the way, he appreciated a job well done.


What advice would you give to students?

     Do not hate. Period. You may dislike, thorough dislike, deep dislike, then ask yourself the reason for that feeling. But you don't know and you don't want to know wha hate really means. Do not even use the word, because you'll end up believing it.