ARiM Transparency and Accountability Sub-Committee

List of Sub-Committees

Transparency & Accountability

Anti-Racism in Medicine Sub-Committee



  • To select and analyze meaningful metrics; Work with other subcommittees to determine metrics or KPIs to assess progress towards goal(s).
  • Determine/implement an accountability process that ensures transparency across the work of the workgroup.
  • Promote transparency in URM COMT class profile, resident and faculty profiles. 
  • Work with ODEI to develop and implement a system to hold departments and offices accountable for promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.


Co-Chairs: Mr. Henry Chinyere

Committee Member: Hamza Ghannam



Short Term Actions/Accomplishments


  • Create Template phase 1
  • Populate website with info from template on charge, initiatives, lead, actions, metrics so that larger community is aware

Outcome Evaluation

  • Develop evaluation plan and timeline
  • Evaluate based on charge
  • Evaluate base on committee’s chosen metrics of success
  • TrAcc Suggestion Box


  • Aid focus on groups’ charge and communication between groups; Help to narrowing scope or collaborate
  • Create liaison system
  • Develop and distribute TrAcc tips and guides
  • Aid groups towards their charge and individualized metrics of success


  • Gather data to create profiles


Long Term Actions/Accomplishments


  • Create visualization of metrics: recognizing committees/departments/units for efforts towards diversity, equity, & inclusion
  • Recognize individuals who have served and what they accomplished
  • Complete 1st phase guidebook
  • Complete evaluation of committee’s efforts, successes, and challenges
  • Create list of recommendations based on committees’ findings and challenges
  • Recommendation of record keeping of disciplinary action including power dynamics, demographic groups, retaliation, etc. 
  • Create and display UME, GME, & Faculty Profile based on available data