Anti-Racism in Medicine Initiatives at UA COM-T

The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is partnering with several UACOM – T

offices, including Curricular Affairs, to create an environment of Inclusive Excellence that

offers a safe and secure setting, ensuring that its constituents are prepared to participate in 

critical conversations regarding healthcare disparities in the clinical setting and engage in anti-racism work.


We have formed an Executive Committee, as well as several Sub-Committees, each tasked with addressing specific issues.


Anti-Racism in Medicine Executive Committee Members:


Anti-Racism in Medicine Sub-Committees

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    Co-Chairs: Kadian McIntosh, PhD, and Henry Chinyere, MS2
     Co-Chairs:  Tejal Parikh, MD,  Patricia Harrison-Monroe, MD, and Caylan Moore MS3


     Co-Chairs:  Patricia Harrison-Monroe, MD,  Dr. Lilah Morris Wiseman,  Kaylyn Ringgenberg, MS4


     Co-Chairs: Colleen Cagno, MD,  Julie Armin, PhD and Faith Dickerson, MS3


   AOA - Co-Chairs: George Fantry, MD, and Kacy Gilbert-Gard, MS4
   Evaluation/Assessment -Co-Chairs: Marie-Pierre Hasne, Pharm.D, PhD,  Muhammed Khan, MD, and  Katie Pulling, MS1


     Co-Chairs: Dr. Alice Min, Michelle Ortiz, PhD, and hrey Goel


     Co-Chairs:  Alison Sutton-Ryan, DBH, LCSW, LISAC, and Imaad Nasir, MD


      Co-Chairs: Dr. Violet Siwik and Dr Chantal Jackson


     Co-Chairs:  Mr. Luis Paulino, MS4,  Albert Fiorello, MD and  Victoria Murrain, DO


     Co-Chairs: Tejal Parikh, MD Kendra Marr, MD-Phd Student, and Ms. Jessica Le Duc



ARiM Update of Completed Actions 

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  Action 1 Action 2 Action 3
Transparency & Acountability

Collected initial metrics/KPI

Created TrAcc suggestion box

Created UME Class profile

Student recruitment and Retention

Outreach to sessions and presentations community colleges, universities, prospective students

Video development


Faculty/Resident Recruitment & Retention

Distributed educational resources for diversity recruitment efforts



Shared potential areas for revision and resources with Pre-clerkship blocks

Identified areas in clerkship lectures to discuss SDOH


Curriculum – Evaluation / Assessment & AOA

Piloted system to test tag usage and learning specialist


Faculty Development

Developed training sessions -Feb. series


Wellbeing Resiliency & Support

Race Based Stress as Suicide Risk Factor Event

GME Department Presentations on Physician Mental Health 

GME online discussion board

Diversity Engagement Committee

Shared Shelf Book Club- Fatal Intervention Events

Shared Shelf Book Club- How to be an AntiRacist Events


Safety and Security  

Tour scheduled to identify additional blue light locations

Presented new policies regarding discriminatory acts to Dr. Moynahan and Title IX leadership



Disseminate student version of scholarship evaluation policy and process in February