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GME Best Practice Spotlight - Algorithm for holistic review

Jessie Pettit, MD shares Family Medicine Alvernon's application review rubric and blinded interview structure, Aug. 2020 - Algorithm for holistic review at FM Alvernon

GME Spotlight - Pathways to Success

Engaging local high school students in the bi-annual health care career fair, Pathways to Success.

Department of Physiology

The Department serves a very diverse undergraduate and graduate student population.  Many Physiology and Medical Science majors are first in the family college attendees. 

University of Arizona Family Medicine Residency

Working with diverse and underserved populations has been a key tenet of our residency program since the early 1970s. In the past decade, we have refined our understanding of diversity and inclusion and continue to grow in this understanding and our actions to live out this core value.

Roberto Swazo, MD

As a 3rd generation Puerto Rican American, I pride myself in being able to be an example to the Latino community, and always strive to advocate for members of that same community. The strength that I bring to the table is that of adaptability; because of my life experiences, I’ve been fortunate enough to form a personality that is malleable and allows me to create immediate personal connections with people.

Uma Goyal, Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology

I am a young female physician in a small specialty.

Anita Koshy, MD

In my department, being a basic scientist influences how I think about patient and clinical studies and data. I have been well-trained/mentored in those aspects and I am a reasonable communicator.

Violet Perez Siwik, MD

I grew up in a large Hispanic family who faced socioeconomic, educational and health disparities. From these barriers I have gained strength in advocating for others in similar situations and ensuring that I emphasize a si se puede perspective to those who face obstacles of feeling less than or onliness.

Jose Fancisco EK Vitorin, Research Assistant Professor

I am from a different culture and background and while I am able to learn new things, my tradition informs my attitude in life. I like people A Lot. There are few things I enjoy more than getting to know people, different costumes, foods, habits. I feel comfortable sharing a coffee with my fellow hominids (students, friends).

Allie Min, Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine - (Educator Scholar Track) Assistant Dean, Faculty Development

I am a first generation Korean - my parents immigrated from Korea to provide more opportunities for their family. As a woman in academic medicine leadership, I believe I have the perspective of a new leader navigating my career, dealing with imposter syndrome and insecurites.

Ricardo Ayala, Medical Student

I am very proud to be a first-generation American who is maximizing the resources, opportunities and freedoms that this great nation offers. I proudly represent Mexican-Americans as an under-represented minority in the healthcare field. Lastly, I bring the perspective of a former salesman, a husband, a father and the attitude that all dreams can be achieved if willing to work hard for it without ever giving up.

Raquel Givens, Accreditation Director

The elements of diversity that I represent are Women of Color, Latinas, and Mexican-Americans. These identites afford me perspectives that represent those of our larger Tucson community that include prospective student, faculty and staff.

Dr Irving Kron, Senior Associate Vice President of UA Health Sciences

I am from an underprivileged background despite my appearance. I get economic issues and how they affect ones education.